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Blood Father 2016 Full Movie Free Download

Blood Father 2016 Full Movie Free Download

Blood Father 2016 Full Movie Free Download

Blood Father 2016 Full Movie Free Download


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Blood Father 2016

Descriptions :

The movie opens with Lydia (Erin Moriarty) buying bullets at a megastore for her boyfriend Jonah

(Diego Luna) and his gang. After loading up, the gang goes to kill a tenant family who has apparently

stolen money stashed in the walls of their rented house. Jonah asks Lydia to watch the back exit. Lydia

becomes nervous so Jonah makes her sniffmethamphetamine to get her high. Jonah and his gang go into

the house while Lydia wanders into the backyard where the children of the tenants are playing. Lydia is

startled after hearing gunshots and rushes into the house. There she sees that Jonah has tied up a

woman and is threatening to kill her. Jonah asks Lydia to shoot the woman but she refuses. A scuffle

ensues and Lydia accidentally shoots Jonah in the neck. Thinking she killed Joanah, Lydia escapes the

crime scene and contacts her father John (Mel Gibson), who is an ex-convict and is out on parole. She is

being chased by Jonah’s associates.

John lives in a trailer park where he is good friends with Kirby (William H. Macy). Kirby is also the

sponsor for the parolee John. After receiving the call from Lydia John goes to pick her up in Santa

Monica. John drives Lydia back to his trailer house in his Chevrolet Nova. Lydia dozes off in the car due

to the effect of alcohol. John learns that Lydia is habituated to drugs and alcohol and after reaching

home cleans her purse of all its drug packets and booze. Some days pass by uneventfully during which it

is revealed that Lydia has a college degree and is well informed. Lydia also receives threat messages from

the gang members during this time.


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