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BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download

BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download

BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download


BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download


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Descriptions : 

Download the software partitioning and boot manager BootIt Bare Metal is a powerful and versatile software for managing your partitions as well as install and boot multiple operating systems with ease and high or restore the entire partition drives that recently by the Windows operating system for company Terabyteunlimited is published. BootIt Bare Metal software developed from scratch to provide a powerful set of tools for professional users who have a lot of interest to the computer. Bare Metal software can create  BootIt, move, copy, delete, and undelete partitions.
Characteristics of Bare Metal Partition Manager BootIt:
Provide standard features as well as the specific features of many partitions that can not find elsewhere.
Compatible with all versions of Windows (NT/2000/9x/Me/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10/Servers)
Compatible with AMD64, EM64T
– Support for MBR and GPT partitions EMBR
Direct support for PATA/SATA (AHCI drives
Create, move, copy, delete, and undelete partitions
– Non-destructive resizing of FAT/FAT32, NTFS, and Linux EXT2/3.4
Has more than 200 primary partition on disk EMBR.
To specify unlimited, based on any drive partition primary
Convert MBR and GPT disksEMBR.
Full control over the geometry of the drive
To directly edit the BCD store Windows to fix boot errors – no need to DVD Windows
Edit text files
– Support for hard drives, beyond 16 exabytes in size
Provide an array of different options for each item the user level to boot, an unparalleled flexibility in configuration (non-UEFI) multi boot systems

Screenshots :

BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download
BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download

Characteristics of Bare Metal Boot Manager BootIt:
Compatible with all versions of Windows (NT/2000/9x/Me/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10/Servers)
Compatible with AMD64/EM64T
– Any boot partitions on any hard drive (up to 16)
Multiple operating system boot from a single partition
Supports hide, hide partitions, swap partition table and the boot order of drives for each item
Automatically detects existing operating system installation
Using the direct boot menu to boot directly into each partition, bypassing the normal boot menu
Customize and maintain the computer with a user ID and password
– Support for booting Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2
BootIt Bare Metal ۤFree download

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