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Cleverman Serial Free Download

Cleverman Serial Free Download

Cleverman Serial Free Download

Cleverman Serial Free Download

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Description :

Cleverman is an Australian-New Zealand-American television drama series based on an original concept by Ryan Griffen. The series premiered on 1 June 2016 on SundanceTV in the United States and on ABC in Australia the following day.

The six-part drama series reimagines several stories of the Aboriginal Dreaming in a modern, superheroic context, and reflects on racism, asylum seekers and border protection. Its central story revolves around two estranged indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight for their own survival when one of them is passed the mantle of the “Cleverman”. Creatures from the Dreaming also feature in the series’ real world dystopian landscape.

Hairypeople :

The Hairypeople or “Hairies” are designed by Jacob (“Jake”) Nash, production designer for the Australian Aboriginal dance company Bangarra, and realised by the Weta Workshop, known for their work on The Lord of The Rings and other fantasy and science fiction films. The Hairypeople in Cleverman are inspired by stories of hairymen handed down by Aboriginal Australians, drawn from multiple Aboriginal clans, including the Gamilaraay and Bundjalung people of northern New South Wales. In the series, they speak Gumbaynggirr, another language from northern New South Wales.

In the world of Cleverman, Hairies are stronger and hardier than humans, covered in thick facial and body hair, and have tough, sharp fingernails. They share some things with Aboriginal people, including a knowledge of land, culture and the Dreaming. They are a different species from humans and they do not share the same DNA. They come to the notice of modern human society six months prior to the beginning of the series, in an event known as “Emergence Day”. Those who choose to live their lives as they always have – covered in a coat of hair and speaking their traditional languages – are confined to “The Zone” by a fearful government. To escape, some Hairies become “shavers”, learning to speak English and removing their body hair in order to blend in with human society.

Screenshots :

Cleverman Serial Free Download

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