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How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Afghanistan 2016

How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Afghanistan 2016

How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Afghanistan 2016



How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Afghanistan 2016


Create Verified Paypal Account – As we all know Paypal is not officially available in Afghanistan and it is the most commonly used for sending and receiving payments through out the world for bloggers and freelancers. So here i am with a working trick to create verified paypal account in Afghanistan . And you know what’s great about this method, it will not cost you a penny, and you don’t have to wait (you can create paypal account instantly).


Method for creating Verified PayPal Account in Afghanistan ? in 2016 for free.

So let’s begin! (make sure you follow each step carefully)

Step #1 : First of all open this link and generate US resident details.

Step #2 : After that open this link and generate US resident Address details.

Step #3 : Now you need a US IP address, Install Zen Mate Chrome Extension > select United states as virtual location. (i recommend Hotspot shield VPN or any other VPN with USA as virtual location) because they are more reliable, anyhow to keep it simple you can use zenmate. ?

Step #4 : Now open Official paypal home page for Paypal USA by clicking this link.

Step #5 : Click signup “button” > Select “Personal Account” Use your own email address and put earlier generated details in blank fields (in name remove any dot otherwise paypal will not accept the name). for US phone # follow step 8.

Step #6 : After that paypal will ask for bank or credit card details > skip it by clicking (I’ll do it later “botton”). skip all other steps, (if any popups up on screen)

Step #7 : Now open your paypal account dashboard and confirm email address. by simply clicking the button > paypal will send a confirmation email with a confirmation link simply click the link and enter your paypal password.

Step #8 : After that confirm your mobile number > Use TextNow service for virtual USA mobile number (don’t worry it is available in free package too) to do so. create and confirm textnow account via email or login with facebook id. (choice is up to you) ? textnow will ask for area code use this


or google for more ;), add your mobile number without – or spaces into paypal > select number as “mobile” > click send verification code “button” > open your textnow account and you’ll have your paypal confirmation code like this


and your verification code back to paypal to confirm your mobile #.

For next step you’ll be needing payoneer account and mastercard. if you don’t have it use this link to sign up .

Step #9 : in next step click confirm bank “button available on main dashboard of paypal”> select ” bank of america” as your bank > login into your payoneer account and use payoneer bank of america account details which are given in (US payment services menu) or in some payoneer accounts option will be available as [global payment services] anyway put your details as provided in this screenshot


(yes! i know payoneer method for paypal is banned but this one is different & it’ll work trust me ? because we are creating an american paypal account), paypal will deposit a small 1-2 $ amount in your payoneer virtual bank of america bank account,  view payoneer dashboard recent activity menu for transaction details and use the code and verify


Step #10 : After linking the bank you can also link payoneer master card with the same method you have linked bank account or you can use virtual credit card,  but payoneer master card is recommended. ?

All done! enjoy verified paypal account in Afghanistan for free, please share this article as much as you can help other bloggers and freelancers to get verified paypal for free in Afghanistan , because there are many people doing scams by selling unverified paypal accounts to newbies. and leave your comments below to let others know that this really works! :)

i’ll be doing a tutorial soon on how to keep paypal account safe and some troubleshooting tips will be included.

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tony jack

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  • zain

    As the name and address are fake in paypal can we withdraw money or not?

  • Has anyone used Auction Essistance to verify their PayPal account?

  • Saad

    Should we every time use VPN while logging in to our paypal account???

    • Yes every time while you are logging into Your Paypal Account you should use VPN because of you don’t use they will detect suspicuos activity on your account and block your account than they will ask for verification like mobile or US id cards

  • Saad

    Hmm thanks, while taking out payments, can we use our payoneer master card instead of an ATM card. Have you tried this and does it really work in Afghanistan?

  • Mirwais Lycee

    Why we are not asking #Paypal itself to add Afghanistan to the list of their supported countries.

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