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Deadpool Pc Game Full Version

Deadpool Pc Game Full Version

Deadpool Pc Game Full Version

Deadpool Pc Game Full Version

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Description :

Deadpool sets off explosives at High Moon Studios, forcing them to make “the most awesome game ever” starring himself; he even hires Nolan North as his voice actor. Messing around in his apartment, Deadpool has a script delivered to him; he finds it boring, so he uses crayon to rewrite it, preferring to improvise.

Following the first few lines of the script, Deadpool sets out to assassinate corrupt media mogul Chance White. Deadpool storms White’s media headquarters, slaughtering the guards before tackling himself and White out of the latter’s penthouse window and into the sewers (apparently blowing the game’s budget by repeating the events for kicks). But White is saved by the Marauders. Deadpool kills Arclight before finding the first of many glitches/unfinished areas throughout the game; he is forced to call High Moon to coerce them into finishing. Deadpool stumbles upon White meeting Mr. Sinister, who has Blockbuster kill him once informed that the mogul’s satellites are under his control. This angers Deadpool, who kills Vertigo and knocks out Blockbuster, since he lost his bounty. However, Mr. Sinister destroys all but Deadpool’s head, leaving him to regenerate unconscious.

Deadpool awakens and encounters Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, and Domino of the X-Men. The X-Men follow Mr. Sinister to Genosha, but Deadpool insists on flying the Blackbird and crashes it, knocking everyone but himself unconscious (despite Deadpool’s attempts to wake Wolverine by slapping him repeatedly and comically scolding him with nonsensical insults). While wandering through Genosha, Deadpool runs into Cable, who has come from the future to ensure that Sinister’s plan does not succeed. But a bored Deadpool drowns out Cable’s discussion with a bullet to the head, reviving to find a message from Cable about meeting “the incredibly hot and large-breasted naked fangirl who claims she’s his number 1 fan”. This convinces Deadpool to regroup with Cable, learning there is no fan girl.

Deadpool then infiltrates a security tower housing Sinister against Cable’s wishes and kills who he later learns to be a clone of Sinister. Cable convinces Deadpool to care about what happens if Sinister succeeds by telling him that his favorite taco restaurant will be destroyed along with the world. Reconfiguring a Sentinel foot into a flying machine to go to Magneto‘s citadel, Deadpool accidentally causes the foot to malfunction and crashes into Rogue in mid-air. After crashing, and getting his disembodied arm back from Mr. Shuggums, Rogue is taken by Blockbuster and Deadpool goes to save her, hoping to seduce her. After a side trip where he ends up killing another Sinister clone, Deadpool takes out Blockbuster and saves an injured Rogue by letting her absorb his healing powers via kissing; Deadpool’s extra personalities – screwball and serious – are also in Rogue’s mind briefly.

Deadpool briefly dies when Mr. Shuggums retrieves an explosive and he is reunited with his lover Death. Death tells Deadpool that Sinister had been exhuming mutant bodies to obtain their unique DNAs, and needs Deadpool to retrieve the suffering souls unable to pass on. Deadpool agrees as he comes back to life and, again meeting Cable, goes on a spirit quest to retrieve the souls for Death and cause the underground passage to cave-in, foiling Sinister’s plans. After reuniting with Wolverine on the surface, Deadpool travels further into the citadel as he defeats clones of the Marauders and then a group of Mister Sinister clones. The real Mister Sinister later shows up and, after defeating the X-Men, Deadpool kills him by leaving him open to be squashed by the Sentinel foot. Deadpool wonders if he killed the real Mister Sinister until Cable gives thumbs up confirmation, allowing Deadpool to call out for the end credits.

As Deadpool exudes joy over how awesome his game is after finishing playing it, High Moon’s representative Peter Della Penna calls him and admits that he really hadn’t blown their budget, at which Deadpool proceeds to actually do so by repeatedly creating explosions during the credits.

Screenshots :

Deadpool Pc Game Full Version

Deadpool Pc Game Full Version


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