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GRAV PC Free download

GRAV PC Free download

GRAV PC Free download


GRAV PC Free download


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Descriptions : 

GRAV is a sand box experience where you explore a multitude of planets, hunt strange alien creatures,

build and defend outposts, craft weapons and armor, and attempt to survive against other players in a

hostile environment.

We here at BitMonster has been working on GRAV for about 5 months and feel that getting the

community involved earlier is vital to a great game. We plan to launch GRAV as Early Access and work

closely with the community on how we evolve and move GRAV forward!

these are features already in the game. They may be fleshed out more in the future, but they will be ready to rock from day 1

Endless Worlds – The planets of GRAV are procedurally generated from composite parts. This allows

for a near infinite combination of biomes, alien sites, and dungeons.

Gorgeous Visuals – Genre re-defining visuals allow you to experience fear, excitement, and

trepidation in a way never seen before.

Frenzied Combat – Compared to the zen-like calm of harvesting resources, combat is a wild ride which

you can only hope to survive. Both Melee and Shooting are the tools of death in GRAV.

Player vs Player – Create alliances with other players, viciously kill them and take their belongings, or

run from it all! It’s up to you how you interact with your fellow players.

Play With Friends – GRAV is all about enjoying the experience with your friends. GRAV is client-

server based so put up a server or join an official one!


Screenshots :

GRAV PC Free download

GRAV PC Free download

GRAV PC Free download

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