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For Honor Pc Game Free Download

For Honor Pc Game Free Download

For Honor Pc Game Free Download

For Honor Pc Game Free Download

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Descriptions :

For Honor is a brutal third person action game in a quasi-historical realities, which places

emphasis on fun multiplayer. The PC version is the work of an experienced studio Ubisoft

Montreal. For Honor plot takes place in the alternative, pseudo-medieval world where the

struggle of three factions. The Chosen correspond to the Japanese samurai, The Legions draw

the pattern of European knights, and the Warborn strikingly similar to the Vikings. The

gameplay on the PC, each party to the conflict is represented by dozens of characters, but only

four fraction are directed by the players. They are powerful warriors with unique abilities,

towering over the rank and file soldiers, which in regulating artificial intelligence. They

prejudge the fate of the battle, appearing in key places and doing what it takes to turn the tide

on the right page (and therefore struggles do not focus on pure action, but require a sense of

strategic and tactical). Although light treatment of historical reality when it comes to the

selection of parties to the conflict, the creators have set themselves the goal of remaining true

to the styles of fighting knights, Samurai and Vikings. They designed for this purpose mechanics

called the Art of Battle, in which great importance is which side we keep a weapon at blocking

attacks. For example, we do not defend themselves before cutting to the right, if we defend the

left. It is also worth mentioning the special actions; a spectacular trial of enemies the player

can, for example. summon fire catapults in the specified area or temporarily increase the

combat effectiveness foot soldiers in the area. In addition to the multiplayer game also offers a

kind of role-playing campaign, serving as an introduction to the world presented. Compared to

other gaming For Honor Download PC version stands out not only the subject, but also a very



Screenshots :

For Honor Pc Game Free Download

For Honor Pc Game Free Download

For Honor Pc Game Free Download


Download For Honor Pc Game Full Version

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