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Krai Mira Free Download

Krai Mira Free Download

Krai Mira Free Download


Krai Mira Free download

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Descriptions :

The creator of Krai Mira took inspiration from games like Fallout and Commando, creating a world in which practically everything has been destroyed and those that are left, must learn to survive. The game takes place in an open world environment filled with diverse enemies and rugged terrain. Players will be joined/followed by NPC’s in the form of animals or people, if they are able to keep their interest with specific items.

Similar to the game “Commando”, Krai Mira uses a ‘realistic perception’ in that players can sneak behind enemies and use terrain objects to lurk. If an enemy sees the player, they will raise an alarm and call for help.

The game features:

  • 3D Engine – Realistic day/night cycles, water reflections, particles, fog & rain, etc.
  • Improved Turn-based Combat – Turns other than the player’s can be taken simultaneously.
  • Traps and mines – Hornet’s nests, bear traps and explosives are all usable in combat.
  • Ragdoll Physics – Realistic corpses and deaths.
  • Lock-picking – Additional skills allow players to pick locks.
  • Stealing – Be sneaky and be careful. You could get caught!
  • Gambling – Care to make a wager? Play cards or the slots?

There are 27 soundtracks written specifically for Krai Mira. The world map has 64 locations. The game features 15 – 25 hours of total gameplay.
Screenshots :


Krai Mira Free Download

Krai Mira Free Download



Krai Mira Free Download

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