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London Has Fallen 2016 Full Movie Free

London Has Fallen 2016 Full Movie Free

London Has Fallen 2016 Full Movie Free

London Has Fallen 2016 Full Movie Free

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Description :

A Pakistani arms dealer and terrorist leader named Aamir Barkawi (Alon Moni Aboutboul) is discovered to be the mastermind behind several terrorist attacks around the world. Western intelligence services locate his compound and the United States launches a drone strike against it, supposedly killing Barkawi along with his family. Two years later, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), Secret Service agent for President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), is expecting his first child with his wife Leah (Radha Mitchell). He hopes to spend more time with his family, and is contemplating resigning from the Secret Service. Meanwhile, having survived the earlier airstrike, Barkawi meets his son Kamran (Waleed Zuaiter) in Yemen so that the pair may set in motion their plans for revenge.

Asher and Mike are informed that the British Prime Minister James Wilson has died. Along with Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett), they travel to London to join many other prominent world leaders for Wilson’s state funeral. As the dignitaries are arriving, several mercenaries under Barkawi’s command initiate an attack, starting with a bomb that destroys the Canadian Prime Minister’s limo as it passes through Trafalgar Square, killing him and his wife. Other leaders soon suffer a similar fate – the Japanese Prime Minister drowns when suicide bombers causeChelsea Bridge to collapse, the French President perishes in a huge bomb blast on the River Thames that destroys his yacht and heavily damages Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, the Italian Prime Minister and his wife are killed when one of Westminster Abbey‘s bell towers is demolished while they are touring it, and the German Chancellor is shot dead by terrorists posing as Queen’s Guardsmen at Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, Asher and the Secret Service men with him are engaged in a firefight by yet more terrorists disguised as British Police and other emergency responders. Both sides suffer heavy losses before Banning, Asher and Jacobs narrowly escape the chaos. The president’s staff back at the White House watch in horror as London is left in chaos and hundreds of civilians are killed.

At their base of operations, the terrorists hack into the city’s power network, effectively shutting it down. Banning, Asher and Jacobs head to Marine One for extraction. However, terrorists positioned on building rooftops use Stinger missiles to take out the decoy helicopters before shooting down Marine One. The aircraft crash-lands in a park, resulting in Jacobs being fatally wounded; she dies in Mike’s arms after making him promise to kill those responsible for the carnage. Mike and Asher go on the run, fleeing into the deactivated London Underground to get off of the streets. As they move through the underground tunnels, Asher notes that the terrorists want to capture him alive so that he may be executed publicly, and orders Mike to kill him if necessary to stop that from happening. Mike reluctantly agrees. As they move across the city, Mike manages to discreetly contact Vice President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and send the White House a message to let them know that he and Asher are heading for an MI6 safehouse in the city.

The staff at the White House receive a threatening call from Barkawi revealing his role in the plot and his desire for vengeance. They are also informed that Wilson’s autopsy report detected poison in his body, revealing that he was intentionally murdered to lure the world leaders to London so that they could be killed. With the city in lockdown, Mike and Asher reach the safe-house of MI6 agent Jacqueline “Jax” Marshall (Charlotte Riley), whom Mike knows well. Jax uses her computer to determine Barkawi’s involvement. She plays back a message from Trumbull confirming that they received Mike’s message and are sending help. On the security cameras, the three see what is supposedly a Delta Force Team there to rescue Mike and Asher. However, Mike notices the operators aren’t sweating after supposedly trekking across the city on foot in heavy gear, and thereby deduces they are yet more terrorist impostors. Knowing that the terrorists must have a mole within the British government, Jax heads to Scotland Yard to coordinate with local authorities while Mike stays behind to eliminate the terrorists, aided by Asher. The pair then take an MI6 vehicle and make a run for the safety of the U.S. Embassy, but are overturned by a van driven by the terrorists. Banning regains consciousness just in time to see Asher being abducted.

President Asher is taken to a construction site in the city that serves as the terrorists’ secret headquarters. There, Kamran prepares to execute Asher publicly, broadcasting the video feed live around the world via the internet and hacked video outlets. Meanwhile, Mike has been found by a unit of SAS commandos, and the group assaults the terrorist stronghold in an attempt to rescue Asher. As millions around the world watch, Kamran brutally beats Asher before preparing to behead him with a machete, asking the President if he has any final words, to which Asher begins reciting the presidential Oath of Office. At the last moment, Mike bursts in and shoots the gathered terrorists before engaging in a fistfight with Kamran, although the terrorist leader ultimately manages to flee. Surrounded by yet more terrorists during their own escape attempt, Mike orders the SAS commander to blow up the building, jumping down a shaft to safety with Asher as the fireball engulfs Kamran and the remaining hostiles, killing them. Jax discovers that MI5 Intelligence Chief John Lancaster (Patrick Kennedy) is the traitor who helped Barkawi and kills him in self-defense after he refuses to be taken into custody. Some time later, Barkawi’s compound is located in Yemen, where another drone strike is launched against him. Trumbull contacts him by phone and speaks to him moments before he dies in the explosion.

Two weeks after the attack on London, Mike returns home and is spending time with Leah and their newborn child, named Lynne after his deceased boss. He sits in front of his laptop and continues to contemplate sending his letter of resignation to Asher. On TV, Trumbull speaks regarding the recent events, leaving an inspiring message that America will prevail. This convinces Mike to delete the letter.

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London Has Fallen 2016 Full Movie Free


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