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Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

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Descriptions :

Max Riders is a racing video game. This game is off road racing video game. Players control an all

terrain vehicle (ATV) and race other ATVs around a series of tracks. Players can collect coins placed

along the tracks in order to activate a short boost in speed and blue tokens that allow players to


temporarily access shortcuts. After launching off of ramps, players can perform tricks, which also give

players the ability to activate a short short boost in speed. Obstacles are placed both on the ground and

in the air, and players have the ability to steer their ATV while airborne.

Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

The game features 45 tracks that can be played over five different race modes, including a time trial

mode and a mode where players try to score as many points as possible by performing stunts. Races can

be done either individually or as part of longer tournaments. Players are given experience points for both

completing races and for performing stunts, which is used to unlock new vehicles and color schemes. The

Mad Riders Pc Game Free Download

game also has a multiplayer option with races containing up to twelve players. Players can join

multiplayer races that are about to begin directly from single player races that they are currently in.


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