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Mozilla Firefox 43.0.3

                                       Mozilla Firefox 43.0.3


Descriptions :

Firefox is a new web browser, the most powerful competitor for Internet Explorer. The main advantage is that you can add new features through the add-ons options. Add-Ons are improvements developed by third part who have different features. The most popular Firefox add-ons are Firebug, Adblock Plus, StumbleUpon, Firefox Companion for eBay, Cooliris Previews, ChatZilla and Forecastfox. There are thousands of extensions available for free addition to this browser.

Once you build up a large list of bookmarks, keeping track of them all can get a little messy. To stay organized, you can assign tags to your bookmarked sites: just double-click on the star icon and you will be prompted to enter your tags.It includes strict anti-phishing and anti-malware measures, plus easy ways to tell the good guys from the bad like our new one-click site ID info. It has more than 5,000 add-ons to help you customize it to fit your exact needs.

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser and was a trailblazer in adding new functionalities through extensions. It supports opening web pages in tabs and you will not have different window for each web page; using tabbed interface, you have a single window and you can switch between web pages clicking on tabs.

There are many extensions available, also for free, which will add new functions and features to your browser.

Firefox has a good pop-up blocker, users can choose default folder where downloads will be saved, can save passwords for sites (although i do not recommend to save passwords in browser), add bookmarks with drag&drop, set desired web address for homepage and default search engine for search bar.

  • easy to use
  • many plugins available for free
Bottom line:
If you like to use and try various extensions to add new features and personalize your browser, Firefox is highly recommended.
Password : www.download.ir

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