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Next Car Game full

Next Car Game full

Next Car Game full

Next Car Game full

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Description :

This game is basically based on some derby style Destruction of cars. It has almost the same ruled and regulations in the racing as other notable games have. This game has two modes one is racing mode and the other is survival mode. In racing mode you have to win the race and in survival mode you have to survive the derby till the end. The player has the facility to sell/buy cars and he can also upgrade his cars. Split Second Velocity is another racing game that you can download.

A dynamic racing game developed by the creators of the cult FlatOut series and the last two iterations of the almost equally famous Ridge Racer series – Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment. The game takes inspiration from the previous works of the studio, focusing on crazy rivalry, unrestrained with fair play rules. Apart from having the best lap time and being the first one to cross the finish line, you should also eliminate your opposition as brutally as you can. Therefore, the races overflow with vicious competition, and the tracks quickly become covered with car wrecks of the defeated. The game features complex car customization both in terms of appearance and performance. From the technical side, the game catches the eye with well-polished graphics and advanced damage system, which impacts not only how the cars look but also how they behave. You can race alone, competing against AI, or take part in one of many crazy multiplayer modes.

Screenshots :

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