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Turbo Studio 16 Free download

Turbo Studio 16 Free download

Turbo Studio 16 Free download


Turbo Studio 16 Free download

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Descriptions :

TurboStudio is a desktop application that allows you to convert any Windows application into a self-contained virtual application. Virtual applications can be delivered as standalone executables, MSIs or Turbo images.

The GUI allows users to easily edit complex configurations for applications that may require complicated settings. Whereas Turbo’s command line tool builds images from containers, TurboStudio uses static XML files (.xappl) to build images. More information about the XAPPL file format is available in the XAPPL reference.

Once created with TurboStudio, the command-line interface builds these XAPPL files into images that you can push to the Turbo Hub. Click here for a specific example.

TurboStudio also provides two unique methods for creating images and virtual applications:

Turbo Studio 16 Free download

  1. Desktop scan for installed applications: This option will scan your desktop for installed applications and build an image or virtual application using content and settings from the desktop.
  2. Snapshot an application or component: In this method, snapshots capture the system state before and after an application is installed. Based on the observed system changes, the virtual application settings are automatically configured. This method is ideal for virtualizing off-the-shelf applications or ones that use complex MSI installer packages that would be incompatible with the command-line interface.

Turbo Studio 16 Free download

TurboStudio offers a user interface to manage custom images and virtual applications as well as additional creation methods not available in the command-line interface.



Turbo Studio 16 Free download



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