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Rahim-soft Passwords

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If files need password downloaded from rahim-soft.com , Please use one of these passwords.

1 –       www.download.ir

2 –       www.downloadly.ir

3 –        www.rahim-soft.org

4 –         rahim-soft.org

5 –        www.downloadha.com

if none of this work please leave a comment thanks

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  • pravin ankaram

    i download unreal engine 4 . pls give me rar file password

    • rahimsafi13

      Password for unreal engine 4 is written under unreal engine 4 download links please see See here

    • Rahim-soft
  • Ali Haider

    please give the password of NFS undercover

  • aztk

    pass vray 3d 2017

  • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

    why ? password kept i need password urgent

    • rahimsafi13
      • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

        this side already download but not working

        • these works well download links what is your language i will support in your language

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            yes password ok but only 90 % winrar file extract only why

          • which software stops in 90%

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            Autodesk.AutoCAD.2017.x64.www.Download.ir.(part1,part2,part3,part4)all part Autodesk.3ds.Max.2017.Final.Edition.x64.www.Download.ir.all part

          • Please More thousands of Visitors downloaded these two softwares but they didnt faced with 90 % extractions Please can You Try 7-zip

          • if it worked please tell me if didnt work please tell me too thanks for visiting Rahim-soft.com

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            too much try but not working please see photo please help me

          • this very easy to fix do you have Team Viewer on Your PC please send your team Viewer ID and Password to me i will fix this in few seconds

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa


          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            id 880 796 039

            password 2276

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            880 796 039

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            give your mob no

          • rahimsafi13

            this very easy to fix do you have Team Viewer on Your PC please send your team Viewer ID and Password to me i will fix this in few seconds
            my email address is rahimsafi999@gmail.com

          • rahimsafi13

            send me ur team viewer id and password to rahimsafi999@gmail.com

          • rahimsafi13

            ok i am waiting for ur response

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            thanks so much reply

          • rahimsafi13

            which software stops in 90%

      • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

        Dear Sir,
        i am your website download 2 software
        AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2017 and
        Autodesk 3DS MAX 2017 but Why Not working missing file i don’t know please give me download link please

  • Ahryman

    All the above password doesn’t work for https://rahim-soft.org/wysiwyg-web-builder-v11-free-download/

  • daniel

    please i am Daniel i download your windows xp royal but they have been asking me password for the iso fle please if you can help out, Dear sir please try and help me thanks.

  • Ibrahim Enawy

    hi my dear frind
    i need artcam 2015


    plizz fix COMSOL mutriphysic 5,2a… i cant extract the file

  • daniel

    please sir when i entered https://www.rahim-soft.org it still does not come. For the windows xp 3 royal please. Please can i get new password for that?

    • bro please enter without http://

      • Mani Dhuddy

        Dear admin is there any kind of crack or software available for SMart PLS3.
        plz help me out

        • rahimsafi13

          Dear bro google has blocked all those sites who uploaded crack of smartpls3 so i think you need to purchase it
          but you can tell other softwares if you need we will upload it

      • The real boogie man

        password for Grid 2 reloaded edition plz

  • chatree

    Dear Sir,

    Please advice me how solve the problem.
    It has some error when I started to run the program

    “SPLM Failed: No Grade-Level seat Available”


    • Jay Bhatt

      i had the same problem please help me

  • chatree
  • kris

    Dear Sir,

    I already installed PV ELITE, but the software can’t opened. The software ask ” no such file or directory-softwareintergraphPD-licecurrent version ”

    please help my to solve the problem.

    • do you have teamviewer in Your PC i will help you via teamviwer

  • fele

    Dear Admin…the patch for Carlson Survey embedded 2016 isn’t working … the change key is not activating the product. please help !!

  • Mohamed Yaheeya

    thnq bro password accept

  • Mohamed Yaheeya
  • Mohamed Yaheeya
  • Moahmmed Ali

    Bro i downloaded all four parts of revit 2017. But how to install these parts separate separate or extract all rar files in one folder then start installation? guide me………. thanks

    • bro place all four 4 parts in one folder and extract the .part1 it will extract all other 3 parts it self than start the installation clearly i say extract all four 4 parts than install the revit

  • Sherif Boghdady

    None of 5 passwords mentioned working with this file
    it always gives error

  • Mian Asmat Ullah

    As-Salaam-Alaikum i want password of Auto desk Auto Cad Civil 3D 2017-all part

  • Sey Kay

    I downloaded Explaindio FX but none of the passwords works.Pls help me urgently.

  • Unnikrishnan Karumathil

    Dear, I have installed Kingdom 2016. How can I activate it. Where should I copy the given .dll file? Please help me.

  • Tracy Malyon

    Hi There
    I downloaded Artcam 2017 and cant get it to work

    • What is the problem with the artcam 2017 ?

      • Tracy Malyon

        something with the password

        • Tracy Malyon

          Sorry its with the serial number

          • Tracy Malyon

            Please help

          • Tracy Malyon

            when are you online?

  • sadek sinan

    pls i need password

    • Bro Please try to extract with winrar before extracting please disable the antivirus
      Because i have downloaded csi bridge 2017 and successfully extracted there is not problem in csi bridge 2017

      • sadek sinan

        Ok thanks

  • Nandish Reddy

    hi i have tried all passwords to extract files but not even single working for “Dicad Strakon Premium 2016 Free Download”

  • Zihadul Akbor Anik


    please give me right password

  • samad

    dear sir
    i want a pssword art cut 2009 pls help me

  • zahid hassan

    what is the password for dynamo studio 2017

  • mohan

    Dear Sir,
    I downloaded ETabs 2016,following errors are coming while extracting
    : Checksum error in the encrypted file ETABS2016v1601Setup64_rahim-soft.org.exe. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    : Checksum error in the encrypted file CrackKeygen.exe. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    : Checksum error in the encrypted file CrackReadme.txt. Corrupt file or wrong password.

  • Samdani Shaikh

    Dear Admin,
    Please upload latest illustrator software…I need this software…

  • Andy Abur

    Hi Mr Rahim, I downloaded the Prota 2016 package and successfully unzipped and installed it… but I can’t activate it. It keeps rejecting the activation code. It says invalid code. Pls what do I do now to activate it. Thank you very much… madeaseer@yahoo.com

    • Ok Dear i will check this

      • Andy Abur

        Hi Mr Rahim, I haven’t heard from you about the issue I wrote about. Am also on Windows 10. Thanks

  • saidul

    Autodesk ArtCAM 2017, please give me right Serial number

  • Kïmô Fügïtïf

    hello Mr rahim this password does not work to extract zip !! plz help me

  • Billa Rock

    need password for Chief.Architect.Premier.X8.v18.2.0.42.

  • shamsher

    i download artcam17
    what is the password

  • lory cascione

    buongiorno need password for autodesk ReMake

  • Mohammed Rasith

    Mr. Rathima I will download they photoshop cs6 extract file password plzzzzzzzzzzz help me…..

  • Guillermo Alberto Cruz Uribe

    hola descarge el arcut 2009 pero me aparece carpeta zip una contraseña . como le hago para optenerla

  • Abdul Rahman

    winrar password information please Cimaware.OfficeFIX.Professional.v6.115.www.Download.ir

  • Iqbal Sheikh

    Hello Brother!
    I have downloaded both parts of ArchiCAD 20 X64. The 1st part has opened but 2nd part is not accepted all passwords you had given. Please help me.

  • Michele Cherchi

    Sorry I try to unzip the pack of Vero Visi 2017r1 but doesn’t work the password, can you try to help me?

  • Kunal Tamboli

    how can i generate machine Id.?
    and splm is not found.
    please help me.

  • Hassib Shahoud

    dear rahim i download safe 14.2 please i want password to extract the file crack thanks

  • Hassib Shahoud

    i used all password but crack safe 14.2 not opened

  • Christian
  • Md Mahmudul Hassan Jeem

    Hello brother.. i need the password to extract adobe illustrator cc 2017…

  • Tracy Malyon

    Hi I need the password for Artcam 2017

    • Abdul qayoom safi

      enter this password with out http://
      enter this password https://www.rahim-soft.org
      this will solve your problem

  • disqus_c7ZFNtkSmi

    none of the passwords work on step 3 of the crack for solidworks 2017.

    • disqus_c7ZFNtkSmi

      Team Viewer ID: 281 063 134
      Password: 1122

  • disqus_c7ZFNtkSmi

    passwords not working

  • disqus_c7ZFNtkSmi

    Passwords aren’t working for SolidWorks! NEEP HELP ASAP

    • Abdul qayoom safi

      For wich version SolidWorks Premium 2016 full / SolidWorks 2016 SP4.0 Free download / SolidWorks 2017 SP2 Premium Free Download / SolidWorks 2017 SP3 Premium Free Download

  • dinesh dhamotharan


  • dinesh dhamotharan

    Dear Sir

    Need password to access CSI ETABS 2016 v16.0.1 x86 please

  • александр клевцов

    дорогой Рахим не мог ли бы вы мне дать пароль для ArtCam 2011. Не могу найти на http://www.Rahim-soft.com.

  • Frank Bauer

    wie lautet das Password?

  • jashan

    bro password is not working

  • jashan

    plz help me in solidworks 2016 sp4

  • David Grima

    Dear sir, thank you for making software accessible for many of us that wouldn’t otherwise have.
    I am having some difficulty in unlocking the

  • David Grima
    • Please enter password ” http://www.download.ir

    • David Grima

      Dear Sir / Rahim-Soft,
      I have found that unzipping each portion of the download in a single folder at least twice will provide you the option to replace incomplete files with larger volume complete unzipped files.
      I am writing this for anyone else who might experience similar incomplete file unzipps.
      The CST 2017 download was able to be installed without any issues, Thank You So Much.

      I am not sure if you are able to assist with one small issue.
      In both the CST 2017 SP.1 and SP.2 applications, the “Acceleration Tokens” are not being transferred from the License file across to the Solvers.

      In other words, with the application open, under “File / License / a License Management window opens and all the available Licenses are highlighted in green with the number of licenses next to each feature.
      Beside “Acceleration Token” which is green, a number of licenses are available, but when a solver is opened, and the Acceleration window is active, the number of licenses in the bottom of the box “Available Licenses” is 0 Zero.

      This feature is working Good in the 2016 SP.6 version and I was inquiring if it can be made available also in the 2017 version.

      I thank you in advance for your most valuable time and consideration with this request.

      I also have available a more detailed installation sheet if you would like me to send it to you to make available for your subscribers.

      Sincere Gratitude,

      • Please send us Complete details so we will make a video tutorial too on that thanks

        • David Grima

          Dear Sir,

          I have sent the detailed “How to” instructions to:admin@rahim-soft.org.
          Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
          Warmest Regards,

  • Nazmul Ahsan

    catia v5-6 2016 password doesn’t work…….please

  • Asmaa Rady
  • Imam

    dear abdulrahim,

    i have download etabs 2016 v16.0.1, buat zip can’t be open.i have try all of password but it doesn;t work.
    i need your help,


  • Warawoot Ampai


  • imran mulla

    Dear sir
    please send password

  • Aateesh Bangia

    Dear Sir,
    Password not working. I downloaded Staad Pro. Used all the four passwords, still not working. Unable to extract files. Kindly help

  • Raj Methani

    bro i have download royal marines commando but it asking for password & password is given there but the message is coming that your file is corrupt or wrong password so please sort me out from this.
    my email id is:- rajmethani143@gmail.com

  • paresh

    Dear Sir,
    please send password
    Drone Full Movie

  • Phakamani Peekai Ngubeni

    Password for

  • Shubh Mishra

    Password for game track mania 2 canyon??

  • Lucas Garcia
  • Zeyad Akram

    Dear I need Password for primavira P6

  • Wakil Ahmed

    what is autodesk 3ds max 2018 rar password?

  • Shaharukh Sayyad


  • warren


  • NavalArch VTO

    hi Good Day!!
    Running set-up now for Orca3d but the password “www.rahim-soft.org” doesn’t working. Please help me. Thanks.

  • Bro Keith

    I can not extract file from CSI Etab2016,Please help me check. Thanks
    I have ready use the provided password

  • Ludy Irwanto

    i need pasword for corel draw x7… i still cant accses

  • Van Avery

    rahim, i found whats confusing everyone with the passwords not working. they must right click the .rar file and select set default password . enter the password there …that will work for extraction

    • thanks Van Avery For Your Outstanding Tip we will share your tip with our Visitors

  • Ibrahim Badr


    Please, password for “SDL Trados 2017”

  • Noureddine Tronix

    Please, password for “solidworks 2016”

  • sagar rane


  • Ace Alec

    i have downloaded far cry primal and used the following passwords
    http://www.Rahim-soft.com AND https://www.rahim-soft.org AND rahim-soft.org
    BUT none of these work so please give me correct password

    • Dear Ace Alec first of all you need to download all 10 Parts than use ” http://www.download.ir ” as password it will work if you downloaded all parts already so please download part 4 again thanks for leaving feedback

  • Ace Alec

    i tried the password http://www.download.ir and it worked !! BUT it says part 4 is corrupt

  • Ace Alec
  • sahil malik

    sir autocad pasword give me

  • sahil malik

    sir plesss autocad password give me

  • charles durai

    carlson software serial no not provided

  • Nome Malik

    Autodesk ArtCAM 2017 Free Download
    not file exctract 0r err0r

  • GülşahÖnder Demirel

    Could you please give password for Procast ?


    dear sir,

    i need geomagic studio 2013 software

  • Anwar Ali

    Autocadd software password send sir

  • Burak

    These passwords is not working for PTC Creo 3. Could you send me password PTC Creo 3?

  • Jairo Ramírez

    hola colega, me gustaría que me ayudaras en la configuración de mi ploter redsaid para la aplicación que logré instalar y poner a funcionar con tus indicaciones, ArtCut2009

  • Sachin Patil

    pls send the password for etabs 2016

  • Haris Hazaratbhai

    i am not able to install setup of etabs 16 pls tell me how to remove this error
    “an error occured during downloading the file http//saturn.installshield.com/is/prerequisites/microsoft visual c++2013 something like this.


    isodraw installatition showing liscence file is invalid please upload installation video


    dear sir how can i cracked CorelDraw X8 Graphic Suits……please sir Give advise

  • Ashish Chaturvedi


  • Joss Handreas

    autocad 2012 password ?

  • Enock Ngendahimana

    Dear Sir,
    I downloaded StataCorp.Stata.v14.2.Rev.Dec.2016.Rahim-soft.com but password do not work. what can I do?



  • Micheal Melchor

    good day sir… may ask for the password of artcut software please?

  • Arslan

    admin tell me please , sketch up pro 2017 password….?

  • Usman Rabani

    i’m facing that problem . given five password are not working .
    i download SAP2000 but i cant open that file due to unknown password .plz give me paswrd of that file.

  • Ibrahim Ahmed

    please password for revit 2018 64 its compressed, files cannt be opened

  • M Lakshmi Narayana Reddy

    i downloaded autocad 2017 that entire password doesnot extract the files so i need the password for extract the files and install

  • amal afyf

    Salam, i just finished downloading CST microwave studio 16 & i solved the RAR’s password problem because of your help @disqus_D9BRvhuf8K:disqus , i wanna say really thanks a lot, you can’t imagine how much you helped me, i wish for you best of luck & success, thanks again;
    AFYF Amal, PhD student

    • You are always welcome we will happy to help you more in future

  • mohan

    Hi Mr. Rahim,
    when i download and use rar extract for ProCAST 2016, some of the files are not unzipped, due to corrupted or password wrong msg is showing, kindly help.
    i tried all the passwords, but no use to extract perticular files, showing below msg.
    (ESI.ProCAST.2016.0.Suite.x64.www.Download.ir.part1.rar:Checksum error in the encrypted file ESI.ProCAST.2016.0.Suite.Win64VisualEnv120_WindowsAppHelp.cab.)

  • Apon Roy
  • Apon Roy

    ok. got the password. But still same problem at the beginning of the installation. Look at the picture below

    • You need internet connection in order to install the product

  • Bharat Meher

    Unable to activate spss 24

  • mohan

    hi Rahim ji,

    i downloaded Procast 2016 part 1 to part 3, then should i club all the three parts or any one part is enough to run the program.

  • yo Mobile

    please..password for forced?..given password are not working

  • yo Mobile

    dear admin..can u give me password fo FORCED..given 5 password are not working

  • vinoth

    Sir I download solid works 2016 sp4 .rar file, but it cant extract due to password.I need a password if you help me

  • ashok kumar

    sir iam download staad pro, but cannot open this file, so give me the password

  • Mutahar Hisan

    hello bro whats the password for forza horizon 3

  • Floyd Franklin Villanueva

    cant intall etabs 2016 v16.0.1 x64… i have already extracted the files and the setup came up..then “error reading setup initialization file” pops…help me asap pls

  • Mr Pech Single

    please password

  • Esther

    Dear sir, password for stata please…thanks

  • Anderson Daniel

    Dear sir, please i need the password for pes 2017


    Am stranded, I downloaded the Autodesk PowerMill 2018 and have tried alll the five options of the password but have not worked. Please, Rahim help out


    I have input http://www.rahim-soft.com but still didn’t workout for Autodesk Powermill 2018

  • Muhammad Awsaf Fahim

    Where do i get the serial numbers? I dont have any SOLIDSQUAD folder either

  • Ahmed Ali

    http://www.download.ir works for cities skylines snowfall part 1. but it does not work for part 2 and part 3. What is the password for part 2 and part 3?

    • It works bro please check that you have downloaded correctly

  • basit khan

    Dear sir
    i just downloaded Bentley Microstation.i cant find suitable password to unlock Rar.file
    plz help

  • ทวีทรัพย์ ชมชื่น


  • Kaustubh Kanchan

    not working

  • Kaustubh Kanchan

    for matlab 2015

  • Sami MB


  • Neelapu Swaroop

    Rahim, Does SAS 9.4 M3 install on latest version of Windows 10 ? Is the password for it “www.rahim-soft.com”. Do I need to back date the system date for it to work.

  • Adarsh Sutar

    t has failed again only PART1 rar’ EXTRACTS 100% PART2 AND 3 HAS FAILED Using Password http://www.rahim-soft.com

  • Fyeo Hua

    how to use keygen for the EaseUS Data Recovery n it asking for the machine code. Where n how to look for the code ?


  • Palvai Vidya Sagar Reddy

    need pw for corel x8

  • R.P Saini

    i need rar pasword for artcam_premium_2018
    plz help me…

  • R.P Saini

    i need rar pasword for artcam_premium_2018
    plz help me

  • R.P Saini

    bro password not working

  • R.P Saini

    plz help me bro

  • R.P Saini

    plz just reply me sir

  • Asif Chaudhary

    Dear supporting team,
    i faced issue during installation of p6 please help me out in this matter.. when it was on istallation i saw message creation failed of database. secondly during dpsetup enetered pswsd was showing wrong and i am sure it was not wrong then after three times it showing account locked..
    please help me out in these issue asap.thanks

  • kishore

    please give password for STADD PRO please

  • kishore

    it tried more than more please help

  • Chesca Aurelio
  • shree 1975

    Please advice me
    iam getting “your internet security settings prevented one or more programs from being opened”
    this message


  • Manjit Singh

    I am trying to install solidworks 2016 SP4 it is asking for password.
    The above passwords are not working.Please tell me the password for this

  • disqus_gzjP7x3MTi

    The password doesnt work anymore. Would you post another one? Thanks

    • Dear Wich One If Ask For Password Copy This Password ” http://www.rahim-soft.com ” Or Another Server Please Leave A Reply !

    • Password for which software?

      • disqus_gzjP7x3MTi

        pOLYBOARD V6. My problem is that it is working on demo mode only, so not every fonctions are available. Is that the version you posted (demo) ?

      • M Rian Tama R

        i need that password plz

  • Quoka37

    Hello Ladys and Gents,
    Sorry, Ihre Passwörter funktionieren leider nicht für Strakon 2017.
    Best Regards

  • dami

    Dear Sir,
    I need a password to unzip Microstation .rar files

  • Midhun Sasikumar

    dear sir,
    I have tried the above passwords.
    please provide the password for Cadence_IC_06.17.700_Virtuoso_Rahim-soft.com.part 1 to 5.

  • Jawad Alaboudi

    plz password for grapher golden software

    • Password is ” http://www.rahim-soft.com

      • Jawad Alaboudi

        plz it dosent work


        Hi admin, how can i download this file. Its stopping download after 1.4 gb downloaded,

  • Tumur Shirnen

    i need indesign password. admin

  • Ronald Mamimine

    hi admin. downloaded SPSS 25.0 and don’t have the password

  • Sagie Naicker

    hir hir isn there a license key for wincatalog 2017

  • Sagie Naicker

    Hello sir, may i please have the license key for wincatalog 2017 and kaspersky internet security 2018. Kind regards

  • Fares Zanaty

    Hi there
    some help with appreciation for downloading software
    “flowcode 7” without corruption.

  • atul

    Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 version password

  • Sankar s

    hi rahim….i downloaded 3DS MAX 2017 rar file…password asked while it extracting i gave all these 5 password whichever you have given…but its not working even five….tell me the right password to extract that

  • Alista Rukweza

    dear sir
    can you please assist me i’m looking for virtual dj pro infinity 8.2 password

  • dillon

    i got it, i had to extract that file but the password didnt work for the folder, but if i went into it and just tried the crack file it went thru

  • Babu Husain Gauri

    please tell me password for Autodesk.Vehicle.Tracking.2018

  • ShriShakti Industries

    sir plz help me solve the problem give me password auto desk artcam 2017

  • Royalstar Moon

    Hello Rahim,

    Need autocad 2013

    Serial Number:

    Product Key:


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