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Schlumberger Petrel 2015 Free download

Schlumberger Petrel 2015 Free download

Schlumberger Petrel 2015 Free download


Schlumberger Petrel 2015 Free download

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Descriptions :

Integrated software to study and solve all the challenges of seismic data interpretation include

underground and reservoir simulation. This software, an integrated process for the development and

monitoring of static and dynamic model of reservoir has provided that thus all communication problems

between different software for the preparation and development of individual models and the high input

data mismatch at each stage or the loss of data when exchanging them that when using different software



– All the necessary tools for the interpretation of the seismic to reservoir simulation in a unified

integrated software which all import/export problems of data between the elevated software.– Ability to

display a very powerful imaging data– The update feature very fast when entering new data for

decisions faster and safer– The ability to copy/paste the results and data in any application under

Windows to prepare various reports fast simpleUser friendly graphical interface – having the ability

undo/redo history storage model to use and learn easier.


Schlumberger Petrel 2015 Free download

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Password : www.rahim-soft.com

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tony jack

tony jack

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  • M Rozaq

    Dear Rahim,

    it’s work in win7 32bit ?

    • yes it works

      • M Rozaq

        Please send me link video tutorial Petrel 2015 install for 32bit.
        email rozaq7787@gmail.com.

        • M Rozaq

          founded only file : Petrel 2015 (64-bit).msi at Install folder.

          • rahimsafi13

            please send me your teamviewer id i will install it for you thanks

      • Bilal Afzal

        Can u plz give me the licence

  • Terry Furqan

    hi rahim, why the link is not working. 1 days ago it was working..would you please fix it?

    • link fixed

      • Terry Furqan

        Thank you Very Much Rahim…That’s really cool!
        that’s really nice of you..
        may Allah Bless you

  • nihad

    error link please fix it

  • nihad

    can you fix it

  • nihad
  • Please try now

    • nihad

      thank you bro.its work

      • Ivan R. del Castillo

        my petrel is no working 🙁

    • Waqas Arif

      dear help me out , licence manager is not picking up the licence . i 1st time install it

    • Ivan R. del Castillo

      Hi Rahim i have a question,
      i am in this step
      open the regedit [HKEY_CURRENT_USEREnvironment] my question is if need to add a new string value here ?
      with the name SLBSLS_LICENSE_FILE and the value 8888@ ?

      or i am wrong?

      thank you

  • nihad

    thank you very much.its work

  • nihad

    i dont know how to install crack . can you give me video how to install and cracked petrel 2015

  • Vegas C William K

    Hi! The download’s page doesn’t load for me. Already deactivated my firewall and antivirus isn’t the problem. Are the links ok or any advice about how to download. Thanks for your job and time.

  • julian_fr84

    Can anybody help me with the installation of the patch , it dosent work. the port number 8888 in the licence cant open petrel

    • Ivan R. del Castillo

      i have the same problem

  • feyi

    Thank you Rahim. the load is not working

  • feyi

    pls really finding it difficult

  • feyi

    still having the same issue. Rahim pls pls help me fix this

  • tom fou

    hi, license file expire the 7 december. Have you a solution?

    • Please change the date for it .
      if not fixed tell me i will do something

      • Carlos Ramos

        do you mean: Change the date in the license file. I did it and it does not work

        • Samuel Igba

          Change the date of your computer to 2016. it should be any day before Dec 7.

      • Samuel Igba

        I changed my date, and the license was valid. But Petrel did not open, it says that ‘System clock has been set back” “License checkout failed”. Kindly advise solution.

        • Cleber Salles Goulart

          ear Rahim, thanks for your help!
          I have tryied to change the date, and the license was valid. However, the Petrel not open, because the date not is valid.

          Do you have other solution?

          Thanks so much!

      • Cleber Salles Goulart

        Dear Rahim, thanks for your help!
        I have tryied to change the date, and the license was valid. However, the Petrel not open, because the date not is valid.

        Do you have other solution?

        Thanks so much!

        • donatus

          pls Rahim-soft the license has expired. can i get an updated license or anyway out. pls pm my mail donatus@live.com

    • Cleber Salles Goulart

      Dear, could you help me? The license has expired. Could you send me a new license to my e-mail (leber.salles@gmail.com?

      Thanks so much!

  • amir

    i have installed the three parts one by one.. its not showing any license and failing to start. Can you teel please how to add license file

    • Bro License is added in its directory Extract it you will see the license

      • amir

        Thanks , the extracted files doesnot include the license, i think it was not downloaded properly. I shall download again. Do i have to download all 3 parts or just one of them.

        • Dear Amir Bro You need to download all parts than extract it License is Included

  • Rajib Mondal

    Hi Rahim. thanks a lot for the software .. however the license is valid only upto 7-dec-2016 and changing the dates won’t work. So can you please upload a changed license file with more validity? my email is vidyut.bish@gmail.com

    • Ahmet Köse

      Hi Rajib,
      I have the same problem, have you solved it? If yes, pls share.

  • Osama Saad

    hai the licens has been expired you can fixed i well try change the date on license file but not fixed

  • Osama Saad

    fix license petrel 2015

    • Nguyen Le

      Hi Osama Saad, how can u fix license petrel? Thanks

    • Ivan R. del Castillo

      hello friend iam trying to run the petrel

      I am following this steps
      1-i install the petrel.
      2. install the licensing
      3 edit and copy the Pet_2015.5.lic
      4- ( iam here)
      open the regedit [HKEY_CURRENT_USEREnvironment] my question is i need to add a new string value here ?
      with the name SLBSLS_LICENSE_FILE and the value 8888@ ?

      or i am wrong?
      other question after this step should it work ? or i need something else?

      THANK YOU.

  • Nguyen Le

    Hi Rahim-soft.com, I changed the date in the license file but it didn’t work. Is there any solution else for this expire license issue?

  • Waqas Arif

    Hi Rahim bro Kindly send the new licences file , this licence expired

  • Khader_Col

    Good morning Rahim, I downloaded the files yesterday and yet the license is not working, did you fix it by now? Thanks!

  • César Mendoza Perozo

    Hi, I could not install it. Can you help me, the licence does not work. Can you send me the new one.

  • adnan

    hi, can you explain how to change the expired date?

  • amir

    can you help with the expired license?

  • Rizky Fauzi

    how to instal

    • Rizky Fauzi


    • Please check the inside manual for Direction

  • mahmoud

    pz .help me license file expired how to fix it pz help me and send me the extended license file

  • Davido Iv

    Hi Bro, I have the same problem than other with license file. I dealt with expiration changing my PC’s date. Further, when I run the script.bat file it says “invalid license file” when reading the codes inside the license. Do you have any other file or can you give some additional directions please? Thank u a lot for all your help bro!

    • Samuel Igba

      For the license to be valid, you need to change your computer date to any date before 07-dec-2016. After this, your license will be visible in Petrel. You will select it, but it will not open. Petrel message will report that ‘your clock has been set back, thus ‘License checkout failed’. This is where I am, and need help forward.

  • Samuel Igba

    Hello Rahim. I have tried severally in vane. License is valid but the petrel gives message error as “Could not checkout ‘Petrel_04335812_MAAB9u2m//aUA’: System clock has been set back” and also “License checkout failed”. I have tried setting different dates in 2016 but I have not passed this point. Kindly assist me with solution to sammyigba@gmail.com

  • Abu Saeed Md. Imran

    Hello Sir.
    Please help me from licensing problem .
    thank you in advance
    My email : saeedimran013@gmail.com

  • tj

    download part 2 link not working. Please help fix. I have been able to download part 1 and 3. Please help

    • dear part 2 is working please try again

      • tj

        I tried it again using IDM but its bringing up an alert box that “Cannot download this file cos Connection has been closed by server” Please what can I do cos I have downloaded part 1 and 3 already. please help. this is my email soglorious@yahoo.com. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

        • Check your email i have sent part 2 in email

          • tj

            May Allah bless you with goodness and blessings beyond your imagination. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I have seen it now.

  • Ian Stretton

    Hi – I can’t get the license server to verify the license file. Would it be possible to get some help with this, or verify the entries, please? Is a port entry for 8888 exclusion required, or specific permissions on 8888? Could you show an example environment entry, or suggest a simple test? Thanks in advance.

    • Ivan R. del Castillo

      i am in the same step

    • Ivan R. del Castillo

      i am added a new value string in regedit in enviroments with the name 8888@mypc but no works i hope that you have an answer

  • Davido Iv

    Someone has had success running the license file? I see all of us we are almost at same point: Petrel installed, we have changed computer’s date to make valid the license but when we run Petrel we get an error “License Checkout Failed”. Maybe there is somebody who has overpassed this problem and is working now with Petrel? I will thank you very much your help…

  • PetEng

    Helo, Thank you for this ! but please how do I solve the licence problem? as it is outdated. tried setting system time back.. didnt work. Do I have to set the BIOS time as well ? Thanks !

  • Ahmet Köse

    Has someone managed to run the software in yr 2017? The license was valid until 07-dec-2016 and therefore it has expired. When I change the system time backwards, Petrel reports the message ‘your clock has been set back, license checkout failed’. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Ivan R. del Castillo

    i am trying the way #1 of regedit, i added a new strig value with the value name: SLBSLS_LICENSE_FILE and the value data: 8888@mypcname ? i am wrong ? this is the final step right ?

    thank you friend

  • Karim Mamdouh

    Same here, I’ve installed petrel, it worked fine till 7/12/2016 as the license has expired then tried to set the system date back without any success. is there another way or another license file.
    please help

  • Muhammed Al-Bajri

    Please send me the valid licence
    my email


  • Conra

    Hi, could you share an updated version of the license file? Now, it is unusable this version of Petrel.

  • محرز عبدالباسط عبدالصمد
  • donatus

    pls Rahim-soft the license has expired. can i get an updated license or anyway out. pls pm my email donatus@live.com

  • donatus

    Petrel_04335812_MAAB9u2m//aUA slbsls 2017.12 07-dec-2016 99
    please any update to the license

  • محرز عبدالباسط عبدالصمد

    can i have the NEW license please*************abdlu-1989@hotmail.fr******

  • donatus

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1955a550ab596358b0e4f4c4b1d3c095ffa9c184650b8e75ef7ff49668e4a19.png pls Rahim-soft the license has expired. can i get an updated license or anyway out. Petrel_04335812_MAAB9u2m//aUA slbsls 2017.12 07-dec-2016 99
    please any update to the license pls pm my email donatus@live.com

  • Swapnil Pancholi

    password not working

  • Venkata Ramana Lalam

    pl let me know how to install petrel 2015 licence

  • slide101

    Can i have the lastest license ufuomaolori@gmail.com

  • Chuka Otiji

    Please Rahim, I need the password to access the downloaded files. Thanks

    • Password is ” http://www.rahim-soft.com

      • Chuka Otiji

        Thank you Rahim, I’ve got it installed. However I still the license used has expired. I tried to back date my computer date, it says clock has been set back and license checked out. Please i need your help with an update license file or directions to resolve this issue. Thanks

  • Артём Латышев

    Pls Rahim, Can i have the lastest license artlat.426@gmail.com

  • Azat Farukshin

    Pls Rahim, Can i have the lastest license azat35155@yandex.ru)

  • u need to link the license correctly


    Hi Rahim, can I optain a valid license file please?

  • Анатолий Степанов

    Rahim welcome. I am a simple user and I can not do it, as in your instructions. I would be very grateful if you make a video, where to click and how to do it. I think full of people will be grateful to you. If you make a thumbnail please link to vido tokeda@mail.ru. Thank you.

  • waeil elamami

    I need valid license pls, if you can send it to wael3000w@yahoo.com

  • waeil elamami

    i installed petrel but the problem with me and all users here that I can not use petrel cos the license is expired we need new license please rahim if you can solve this

  • Treetape Rungprom


    Hi bro

    I have problem about license.
    Could you please help me to solve it

    Thank you

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