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Terrorist Takedown Payback full

Terrorist Takedown Payback full

Terrorist Takedown Payback full

Terrorist Takedown Payback full

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Description :

Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operation is another FPS from CITY Interactive. There are an important change between this game and the other games of the Terrorist Takedown 1 series (Terrorist Takedown and Terrorist Takedown: Payback): in Covert Operations you will fight on the ground against enemies, even if sometimes you will shoot, as the precedent Terrorist Takedown games from a machine gun on a military jeep, for example. To be a low-budget FPS, Terrorist Takedown: Covert Operations is an excellent game, and is realistic enough. There are some weapons available in the game that are realistic enough too, and in Covert Operations you will always probably have lots of munitions available, since is very simple to find them on the battle ground. Overall, the graphic is good. Terrorist Takedown – Covert Operations Officially, no one declared war – but people keep dying. Deep in the South American jungle, a U.S. unit sent to destroy a drug cartel was ambushed. The survivors have been taken hostage by the terrorists. You’re in command of an elite Special Forces unit, and it’s time for action! Your mission seems simple: to rescue the hostages. But faulty reconaissance turns it into a desperate fight for survival. To win this fight, you’ll have to fight hand-to-hand, use explosives to blow your enemies sky-high, and silently execute them at extreme range in sniper mode. Do everything you can to survive, and complete your mission! – See more at: http://www.muhammadniaz.net/2013/12/10/terroristtakedown-covertoperations-2/#sthash.HKiZW1Pq.dpuf
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 Terrorist Takedown Payback full

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